The St. Clair County 4-H Horse Judging and Hippology Teams recently competed in their state-wide contests at Michigan State University. They represented our county well at the Equine Educational Expo held April 18th, and had a great time in the process (especially during a trip to the MSU Dairy Store for fresh ice cream between the contests and awards ceremony).

The hippology team, coached by Heather Mudge, consisted of Felishia Block, Taryn Frey, and Rachel Remy. All three competed in the Senior Regular Division, placing well as individuals and winning the contest as a team! Felishia placed 3rd in the state on the written exam, 6th in the slide phase, 4th in stations, 1st in judging, and 2nd overall. Taryn placed 8th in the exam phase, 7th in slides, 7th in stations, 6th in judging, and 6th overall. Rachel placed 5th in the exam phase, 10th in slides, 5th in stations, 3rd in judging, and 3rd overall. Felishia, Taryn, and Rachel also posted the highest combined score on the two team problems, one of which they were allowed to briefly prepare for, the other of which required a spontaneous answer. As the state champions in the Senior Regular Division, they will be offered the opportunity to go on to compete at a national contest this fall.

The judging team, coached by Lucy Brown, consisted of Carrie Brown, Samanthia Enright, Hailey Moses, Jaelyn Sutphin, and Sharon Torello. Carrie, Hailey, and Sharon competed as a Junior Regular Team, winning their division in both reasons and the overall score, and placing well individually. Carrie placed 4th in reasons and 2nd overall. Sharon placed 2nd in reasons and 3rd overall. Hailey placed 3rd in reasons and 1st overall. As the overall winner of the Junior Regular Division, Hailey's name will be placed on the Norma Agnew Memorial 4-H Horse Judging Award plaque displayed at MSU. Samanthia and Jaelyn competed as individuals in the Junior Novice Division, since three to four competitors are required to make a "team" in each division. Jaelyn finished 7th in reasons and 2nd overall. Samanthia also scored very well but finished just out of the ribbons, after several tiebreakers within the division.

The St. Clair County competitors practiced the first Monday of every month from October to April along with other horse winter projects participants. They also attended live judging clinics hosted by Kathy Williams, Sue Cook, and Amy Balon and would like to thank these leaders for assisting with their learning. The competition teams would also like to thank the 4-H Horse Leaders board for sponsoring their state contest entry fees and t-shirts.

Winter projects meetings will resume on the first Monday of October, at the Goodells County Park Community Building. Any interested 4-Hers are welcome to attend, whether they would like to compete in Hippology, Horse Bowl, Horse Judging, or Equine Communications, or simply increase their horse knowledge and have a great time with new friends! Please contact any of the following leaders for more information.

- Lucy Brown at (586) 855-3215 or
- Heather Mudge at (810) 434-4359 or (with "horses" in the subject line)
- Maryann Moskal at (810) 305-9834